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The Magic Wand from Hitachi is without doubt the most famous and beloved massager on the North American market for both full body and erotic massage. After 40 years in business it has not met its superior, but still reaps top marks from experts and users.

Europe Magic Wand is the European version of this genuine classic: an all over quality massager for sore muscles as well as a must-have sex toy and a therapeutic tool for women having trouble getting orgasms

The secret lies within

Europe Magic Wand is far the most powerful vibrator on the market due to the strong electric motor made for European power outlet (230V mains voltage). Unlike battery-powered vibrators, Europe Magic Wand will give you those deep soothing vibrations that will without doubt bring you to your knees.

Whether you are hunting your first orgasm, looking for something to spice up your private time of self gratification or just wanting to take a good sexual relationship to new hights. Let us introduce you to your new best friend: Europe Magic Wand. Its strong consistent vibrations provide sexual stimulation and pleasure like no other sex toy. Female or male, the soft silicone head will do the thing. We recommend to start using it all over your body on the low speed, and then slowly bring it to your more sensitive parts.

No more sex toy one night stands. Be prepared for a life-long relationship.

Benefits of the European Magic Wand

The variated use

There is no such as a common customer for Europe Magic Wand. Europe Magic Wand is a very good all over body massager, the most effective sex toy and even a therapeutic tool at orgasm courses

From the woman seeking her first orgasm to the experienced SM couple looking for something to spice up their game. They will all buy Europe Magic Wand.

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Even more fun

Out of the box, Europe Magic Wand is made for external stimulation only, but with Genius, a high quality silicone attachment made to replace the white standard cap, penetration is made possible.

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  • six speed switch, to satisfy every need
  • the body is made of hard plastic with a soft silicone head
  • attachment is available to allow for penetration
  • 236 cm cord, to give you full freedom of movement
  • made for European standard plug
  • 230 V mains voltage
  • documented CE approved for your health and safety

  • CE certificate


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